Friday, January 9, 2009

The Ghost of Madden-Favre with Tim Tebow

Is anyone else sick from the lavish praise that rained down on Tim Tebow from the announcer's booth last night?

I get the fact that the guy is a fantastic college football player. I certainly agree that he's the best currently in the sport, and might even be one of the best ever. But do I feel certain he'll go down in history with guys like Red Grange and Barry Sanders? No, not particularly. I think he's cemented his place somewhere on the list of the top 25 guys, but I don't believe he's the unquestioned #1.

I was rooting for Florida last night. I like that team and think it's without doubt the best in college football this year, worthy of winning the BCS Championship.

But it's pretty gross to me to hear announcers fawn over players the way Brennamen and Davis did with Tebow. It reminds me of Madden's incessant man-crush on Brett Favre, and is never particularly fun to listen to.

A friend of mine made a great comment, that at one point he thought they might say "Spend five minutes with Tebow and you realize he's not really Tebow, he's a reincarnation of Jesus."


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