Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ed Reed

Quote from an ESPN column:

Gene Wojciechowski column
"It's kind of expected at this point," Trevor Pryce said. "It doesn't impress us. It's kind of like, 'Oh, Ed got a pick.' It's kind of like Ray Lewis makes a tackle, or a head coach saying we have practice tomorrow. It's kind of expected."

There's a guy on a Ravens discussion board, whose signature tag reads: “Water covers 75% of the Earth. The other 25% is covered by Ed Reed!” So that's fun.

What would be good here would be some kind of table.

Ed Reed's interceptions
321-SepCLEW 28-101321
1223-NovPHIW 36-721501
147-DecWASW 24-10290
1620-Dec@ DALW 33-242290
1728-DecJACW 27-72440
184-Jan@ MIAW 27-92761

What's annoying is that gigantic gap between my last paragraph and the table. What causes that?

Line breaks between rows. Put your entire table on one line of html - The Bleaucgh God

Except notice that the table is formatted fine. Line breaks between rows not the problem.

I removed the linebreaks between the rows. Notice how the big gap disappeared?

I thought the pre-table gap disappeared when I removed the line breaks before the table tag. The table was formatted correctly when there linebreaks between the rows: why would that affect what happens before the table?


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